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13 Postures Sabre Form

This is Ripley Club Instructor Neil Bradley practising the sabre routine 

Desktop Artwork

Reproduction Notes

No fee for private use for health and sports club websites and promotions, schools or blogs use. If you want to sell on, or reproduce commercially (mainstream magazines, commercial prints, etc) or commission, please do contact us for a mutually beneficial rate.

Please Credit ©2015 Neil Bradley

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1. Seven stars to Mount the tiger, Wielding saber forms.

Seven stars to Mount the tiger, Wielding saber forms

2. Spring-and-clear to Daze-and-strike with Will and spirit raised.

Spring-and-clear to Daze-and-strike with Will and spirit raised

3. Looking leftward, Gazing right, the Two components spread.

Looking leftward, Gazing right, the Two components spread

4. White crane displays its wings to Palm the five-fold states.

White crane displays its wings to Palm the five-fold states

5. Breezes turn the lotus bloom to Hide it in the leaves.

Breezes turn the lotus bloom to Hide it in the leaves.

6. Treasured maidens work their shuttles facing eightfold ways.

Treasured maidens work their shuttles facing eightfold ways

7. Triple stars open, close, Extending to their will.

Triple stars open, close, Extending to their will ©Neil Bradley

8. Double legs arising come and Strike the tiger pose.

Come and strike the tiger pose

9. Drape the body, hang aslant, and Kick like doting ducks

Kick like doting ducks

10. With the current, push the boat, the Whip can be a pole.

With the current, push the boat, the Whip can be a pole.

11. Lower posture, thrice (three) combining, freedom calls to roll.

Lower posture, thrice (three) combining, freedom calls to roll.

12. Leftward, rightward cleaving streams, the Dragon gate to crest.

Leftward, rightward cleaving streams, the Dragon gate to crest.

13. Old Bian-He retrieves his stone and Phoenix returns to nest.

Old Bian-He retrieves his stone and Phoenix returns to nest


©Artist Neil Bradley
Paintings and photography of the Tai Chi Sabre Form