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The Tai Chi Club website lists Instructors who have attended one of our clubs for a minimum of 400 sessions. They have certification to instruct provided through The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. They are not employed by The Tai Chi Club. Each Instructor is personally responsible for their insurance (Through The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain). For any financial or legal enquiries that may arise at their own venues or other teaching sessions contact the Instructor directly.

   Sue Wain

Sue WainVenue: Riddings Tai Chi Club
New 10 Week Introduction Course
Starts Wednesday 3rd Of August 7:30pm - 8:30pm
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Holistic Healing and Tai Chi offers an alternative approach to work alongside traditional medicine. Appointments can be made for weekends and evenings (subject to availability) to work around your schedule for suitable days and times for your treatment.

I am a fully insured and certified practitioner and have instructor membership with The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and am a member of The Reiki Association and Yang Family Tai Chi Association. 

Please call me between 9am - 7pm 07973 527233 or 01773 609770 if you would like further information.

I am happy to travel to you if it is more convenient.

Sue Wain Holistic Healing & Tai Chi
28 South Street
DE55 4EJ

Tel: 01773 609770
Mob: 07973 527233

The video clips below are demonstrations of the Traditional Tai Chi Solo Form and Taiji Tui Shou which is an advanced partner exercise. I offer instruction on the full traditional (Yang) Tai Chi solo form (and condensed versions) plus various other sequences including the 16 Form, 13 Postures, 67 Form and partner form. 

Leading a group Tai Chi Form session                                                                     One to one teaching

Riddings Tai Chi Club        

 Tai Chi & Qi Gong with the Teachers & TA's at South Wingfield School. Having one hour of fun and relaxation before the Teacher Training Day.


                                                                         My Studio