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67 Sword Form

1. Prepare

2. Opening

3. Circle the Moon with Three Rings

4. Big Dipper

5. Swallow Skims the Water

6. Block and Sweep, Right

7. Block and Sweep, Left

8. Little Dipper

9. Swallow Returns to its Nest

10. Agile Cat Seizes the Rat

11. Phoenix Lifts its Head

12. Wasp Enters the Cave

13. Phoenix Opens its Right Wing

14. Little Dipper 2

15. Phoenix Opens its Left Wing

16. Casting the Fishing Rod

17. Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake, 1

18. Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake. 2

19. Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake. 3

20. Embracing the Moon

21. Birds Lodging In the Forest

22. Black Dragon Swings its Tail

23. Green Dragon comes out of the Water

24. Lotus Swirls Around In the Wind

25. Lion Shakes its Head, Left

26. Lion Shakes its Head, Right

27. Tiger Covers its Head

28. Mustang Jumps the Ravine

29. Reining in the Stallion

30. Compass

31. Dusting in the Wind, 1

32. Dusting in the Wind, 2

33. Dusting in the Wind, 3

34. Pushing the Canoe with the Current

35. Shooting Star Chases the Moon

36. Heavenly Steed Flies Over the Waterfall

37. Lifting up the Curtain

38. Left Cart Wheel

39. Right Cart Wheel

40. Swallow Carries Pieces of Earth in its Beak

41. Roc Extends its' Wings

42. Fishing for the Moon at the Sea Bottom

43. Naza Explores the Sea Bottom

44. Rhinoceros Looks at the Moon

45. Shooting the Wild Goose

46. Green Dragon Shows its Claws

47. Phoenix Opens Both its Wings

48. Step Over and Block Up, Left

49. Step Over and Block Up, Right

50. Shooting the Wild Goose

51. White Ape Presents the Fruit

52. Falling Flowers, 1

53. Falling Flowers, 2

54. Falling Flowers, 3

55. Falling Flowers, 4

56. Falling Flowers, 5

57. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

58. White Tiger Swings its Tail

59. Tiger Covers its Head

60. Fish Jumps Over the Dragon Gate

61. Black Dragon Twists Around the Pole, Left

62. Black Dragon Twists Around the Pole, Right

63. Immortal Points the Way

64. An Incense for Heaven

65. Plum Flowers Being Swept by the Wind

66. Presenting the Tablet

67. Return the Sword to its Original Position