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A few pictures Taken In 2015  

Frank Frost     Frank Frost Black Sash Ceremony   Frank Frost Black Sash Ceremony 

Frank Frost Black Sash Ceremony      Frank Frost Black Sash Ceremony

Chris & Mel   Neil, Peter, Dennis, Ken    Rossalynn Soult, Tony Harrison 

Tuesday Session May 2015   Frank Frost - Snake Creeps Down

Joan - 67 Form      Single WhipKen Hazelgrove       Chris and Veronica  Tai Chi Club    Brush Knee and Push

Tuishou Group

Waingroves Tai Chi Club

Christopher Parker, Susan Wain, Rossalynn Soult, Kenneth Hazelgrove.      Derek Holt & Rossalynn Soult Tai Chi Sword
Sue, Joan & Derek      Waingroves Tai Chi Club
Tony & Amanda  There Circles                 
Ken, Veronica, Peter, Frank, Neil, Chris, Sally, Sue, Diane.    Gary Griffiths & Peter Russell
Frank, Derek, Russell, Janet, Tony, Andre, Joan, Slyvia, Dot, Margaret, Gill, Barry, Sue, Chris, Wendy, Simon, Ken, Diane, Veronica.

Ken Hazelgrove & Sally    Gary & Tony Tony Harrison    Sue Wain & Neil Bradley    Robert Nickless    Working Shuttles    Christopher ParkerRob, Peter & Tony     Tuishou Group
Sue Wain & Neil Bradley     Derek Holt
Gemma McCutheon   Adrian Clarke and Ken Hazelgrove   Sue Wain InstructingFrank, Adrian and Ken  
Tony and Sue     Ken Hazelgrove & Frank Frost     Tony and Gemma
Tai sword practise on a sunny day    Ken Hazelgrove Tai Chi Sabre
Ken Hazelgrove / Neil Bradley    Neil Bradley / Gray Griffiths
Sue Wain Sabre   Sabre Group   Ken Hazelgrove