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The Tai Chi Club website lists Instructors who have attended one of our clubs for a minimum of 400 sessions. They have certification to instruct through The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. They are not employed by The Tai Chi Club. Each Instructor is personally responsible for their insurance (Through The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain). For any financial or legal enquiries that may arise at their own venues or other teaching sessions contact the Instructor directly.

Location & Times
Waingroves Community Centre

Monday 7:00 until 8:00pm

(2nd Section) 

Saturday 11:30 until 12:30pm


3rd Section 103 Hand Form

The fee is £5 per session

Registered & Insured Instructor

Rossalynn Soult

(Tai Chi Union for Great Britain)

 Waingroves Tai Chi Club
Waingroves Tai Chi Club

Tel: 07708 481285

The fee is £5 per session

Waingroves Community Centre offers a safe and friendly environment

with full facilities including free parking, good access, security
and a comfortable large meeting room.

Waingroves Community Centre @2014 Neil Bradley

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1. Preparation Form
2. Beginning
3. Grasp the Bird's tail
4. Single whip
5. Raise Hands and Step Forward
6. White Crane Spreads its Wings
7. Left Brush Knee and Push
8. Hand Strums the Lute
9. Left Brush Knee and Push
10. Right Brush Knee and Push
11. Left Brush Knee and Push
12. Hand Strums the Lute
13. Left Brush Knee and Push
14. Step Forward, Parry, Block, and Punch
15. Apparent Close Up
16. Cross Hands

Second Section 

17 Embrace the Tiger and Return to Mountain

18 Fist Under Elbow

19 Step Back and Repulse the Monkey, Left

20 Step Back and Repulse the Monkey, Right

21 Step Back and Repulse the Monkey, Left

22 Diagonal Flying

23 Raise Hands and Step Forward

24 White Crane Spreads its Wings

25 Left Brush Knee and Push

26 Needle at Sea Bottom

27 Fan Through the Back

28 Turn Body and Chop with Fist

29 Step Forward, Parry Block and Punch

30 Step Forward and Grasp the Bird's Tail

31 Single whip

32 Cloud Hands (1)

33 Cloud Hands (2)

34 Cloud Hands (3)

35 Single whip

36 High Pat on Horse

37 Right Separation Kick

38 Left Separation Kick

39 Turn Body and Left Heel Kick

40 Left Brush Knee and Push

41 Right Brush Knee and Push

42 Step Forward and Punch Down

43 Turn Body and Chop with Fist

44 Step Forward, Parry Block and Punch

45 Right Heel Kick

46 Left Strike Tiger

47 Right Strike Tiger

48 Turn Body and Right Heel Kick

49 Twin Fists Strike Opponents Ears

50 Left Heel Kick

51 Turn Body and Right Heel Kick

52 Step Forward, Parry Block and Punch

53 Apparent Close Up

54 Cross Hands


Cloud Hands

High Pat On Horse

Rossalynn Soult hosts a Tai Chi session at the Brownies
November 2014 with Angela - Snowy Owl, Annette - Love Owl, Teresa Wise - Owl

Rossalynn Soult Brownies Tai chi

Rossalynn hosts a Tai Chi session at the Brownies
October 2014

Rossalynn Soult Brownies Tai Chi Session