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Ward Off
Application & Counter from a Push Hands situation


4 Square Anti-Clockwise to Horizontal Circles
From partner Pushing on your Right Ward Off, redirect their right arm with your left forearm / hand (palm down) towards your shoulder height controlling their wrist (Part The Wild Horses Mane method). Rotate your centre right to left. Ward Off up towards under their right armpit with your right forearm palm up. Using your waist to turn swing left to right with your left arm. Your right arm goes forward right to left (outwards or following the partners turn to keep control). Emphasis on waste turning partners upper arm to your right. To redirect your partner you go forwards to back, back to forwards. It is like a swivel. Depending on height you can redirect towards up above your shoulder level or down below it.

Open Circles
From partner Pushing on your Double Ward Off
Switch by guiding out their right arm as above, technique then the same or you can use your upper arm to trap/stick to your partners right hand and turn as before.


Guide away to your left/right using Single Whip centre circles.
Press in small of partners back to prevent them turning from left to right with free hand.
Follow forwards through your partners centre pull back from back to forwards using Snake Creeps Down method.
Move your centre in and use your forearm pushing in from up to down, then push out if the float.

Additional methods:
From a push on your right arm. Trap partners right wrist with your left arm / palm sweeping from outside to inside. Pull down to your left on their forearm. 
From a push on your right arm. Trap partners right wrist with your left arm / palm. Open arms rotating forward slightly away from your body. Bend forward turning from left to right.

Method can be reversed by changing stance.