Alfreton Tai Chi Club

Alfreton Tai Chi Club

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Starting 11am on the 30th August 2022 at Fizzio Fit, Swanwick.

£8.00 per class pay as you go.Qi Gong - Chi Cultivation.

Qi - Energy, Air, Vital Essence, Breath of life

Gong - Work, Achievement, Self Discipline, Mastery

​Qi Gong is ideal for any fitness level as the exercises can be done from a sitting position as well as standing. You work to your own comfort zone at all times so if any of the moves are uncomfortable or difficult you can choose to go back to sitting or standing Wu Ji enhancing the flow of Qi and health benefits around your body until the next move.

​Like Tai Chi, Qi Gong is a discipline whose practice allows you to control, Strengthen or Cultivate the Qi energy and life force that runs through the body.

It is a form of exercise and meditation.

​Qi Gong is a way of cultivating Qi energy. Using gentle movements and breathing techniques to promote harmony and balance in the body.

​Qi Gong is a technique that can be done in a sitting or even lying position and is ideal for everyone including people with disabilities


Class Times

Beginners Welcome to all Classes

Wednesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Tai Chi on the Park, Riddings Park

West Street, Riddings, DE55 4EW

(Outdoors throughout the summer months only)

16 Short Form and Qi Gong

£6.00 per class pay as you go

Friday 12.00pm - 1.00pm

Riddings Community Centre, Riddings Park, West Street, Riddings DE55 4EW


Traditional Hand Form and Qi Gong

£8.00 per class pay as you go

Thursday Evening 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Qi Gong Chinese Exercises (Zoom classes)

Qi Gong Chinese Exercises

Eighth Silken Brocade, Meditation and Zhan Zhuang

£6.00 per class pay as you go

Riddings Tai Chi Club

Alfreton Tai Chi Club

Registered & Insured Instructor Sue Wain (Tai Chi Union for Great Britain)

If you would like to come Email: or telephone Sue on 07973 527233

The Genesis Centre offers a safe and friendly environment with full facilities including free parking, good access, security and a comfortable large meeting room.

Tai Chi Classes, South Normanton, Alfreton & Pixton

Sue Wain


I am available to do private sessions for people who can't travel or prefer the sessions to be in the privacy of their own home or gardens. Please contact me for availability & pricing.


I am also available for group workshops

Here are a few of the group sessions I have done. These classes are based on an Introduction to Tai Chi.

Derbyshire County Coucil - International Women's Day.

Derby University - Students Away Days.

South Wingfield School - Working with Teachers on their Teacher Well Being Day.

South Wingfield School - Working with Children on their Week of Well Being.

Weight Watcher & Slimming World Groups offering different options of exercise regimes.

I have also worked with children's groups such as Brownies.

Tai Chi Classes South Normanton, Alfreton & Pixton

Please Note

The Tai Chi Club website lists Instructors who have attended one of our clubs for a minimum of 400 sessions. They have certification to instruct through The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. They are not employed by The Tai Chi Club. Each Instructor is personally responsible for their insurance (In connection with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain) and implementing correct procedures. For any financial or legal enquiries that may arise at their own venues or other teaching sessions contact the Instructor directly for that venue.

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