The Tai Chi Club 2015

A few pictures taken in 2015

Frank Frost
Frank Frost instructor awards
Frank's Cake
Frank Frost Black Sash
Frank, Chris, Sue, Ken
Mel & Chris
Peter & Ken
Tai Chi Introduction
Ward Off Left
Frank Frost 2015
Joan McDonald
Single Whip
Ken Hazelgrove 2015
Fair Ladies Posture
Chris And Veronica
Tai Chi Group Ripley
Tuishu Group
Wushu Greeting
Waingroves Tai Chi Club
Chris, Sue, Rossalynn & Ken
Rossalynn Soult Tai Chi Sword
Qigong Group
Waingroves Tai Chi Club
Sue Wain Sabre
Push Hands 2015
Tuesday Session 2015
Gary Tony
Sue Wain & Neil Bradley
Robert Nickless and Neil Bradley
Derk Holt Sword
Christopher Parker Tai Chi Sword
Robert & Tony
Ken Hazelgrove Push Hands
If it was easy, everybody would be doing it
Sue Wain And Neil Bradley Tai Chi Sword
Gemma McCutheon
Adrian and Ken Push Hands
Sue Wain Push Hands
Frank Adrian and Ken Push Hands
Group Push Hands Sept 2015
Tony Sue Tuishou
Frank Frost Tuishou
Tony Harrison and Gemma
Neil Bradley Sabre Reflection
Tiger Arrow
Neil & Garry
Sue Wain Sabre
Sabre Group Ripley 2015
Ken Hazelgrove Sword